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Know when a startup raises money before it becomes mainstream news. Get a personalized list of recently funded companies you should sell to in a weekly email.

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Recently funded tech startups are growing fast, have big needs, and big budgets to solve them.

Whether you head up sales at a startup, are an investor at a VC firm who wants to keep up with current trends, or a journalist looking for interesting companies to cover, the weekly GrowthList report(with verified emails addresses) allows you to easily connect with today 's fastest-growing tech startups in minutes.

Clientlist for SMBs and Agencies

If you are a digital agency or a small business in the services industry, clientlist helps you to sell to the right people at the right time. Uncover the list of recently funded companies with the cash to spend and get their contact details. Use this information to reach out and make more sales happen.

Funding Information

Each company will have round and funding amounts, as well as lead investor information.

Verified Emails

We deliver verified emails of company decision-makers, straight to your inbox.

Clientlist for Investment Firms

Whether you're an Angel Investor, a Venture Capitalist, or run a private equity firm, use clientlist to win in the investment game. Get to know about investments before they become a Techcrunch article. Get all information about the latest funding round, information on the founders, company profile, and founder contact details compiled in one single report.

Clientlist for Journalism

Being a startup/investment journalist and getting a clientlist subscription is like hiring two employees to help you stay updated with the latest investment rounds around the globe. Get the latest investment details, company profiles, and founder contact details in one single report in your inbox and do more of what you do best - write stellar stories and articles.

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